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Resolution 12-20-2013, River Club HOA Withdrawal from Litigation

Project Jackson

The city enacted Ordinance 2013-19 on November 18, 2013 amending the current TIF for the purposes of building a hotel, parking deck, and baseball stadium.

On December 23, 2013, the River Club HOA filed an amended petition removing itself as a plaintiff in the case of Donohue et. al. vs. City of North Augusta in the Aiken County Second Judicial Circuit.

Draft Ordinance to Amend the TIF

City Council Contact

Lark Jones - ljones@northaugusta.net

Council Members:

James Adams - jmadams201@att.net
Carolyn Baggott - capers43ccb@aol.com
Pat Carpenter - Pat79@comcast.net
Ken McDowell - kadmcdowell@comcast.net
Fletcher L. Dickert - Fletcher@allenbatchelor.com
David W. McGhee - 4mcghee@comcast.net

City Studies and Analyses for Project Jackson

Resolution to Extend Riverfront TIF

City's Talking Points

City's Income / Debt Service Spreadsheet

West Ave Extension and Traffic Study

North Augusta Hotel Report - Final

Project Jackson Parking Plan

Project Jackson Overflow Parking Plan

The Three Rivers Model

Jobs Created Based on Three Rivers Model

City's Attorney / Accounting Bills - ProJack

TIF Map | Project JacksonTIF Map

Hotel/Retail/Plaza Concept

Hotel / Retail Area | Project Jackson

Click here for larger view

Hotel/Business/Residential Baseball Stadium Concept

Project Jackson - Hotel / Stadium | Project Jackson

Click here for larger view

River Club HOA Reclama

Project Jackson Problems -- Vol I

Project Jackson Problems -- Vol II

Project Jackson Problems -- Vol III

Project Jackson Problems -- Vol IV

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